New jersey has always had a rich history of glassblowing. New jersey was the home of the first successful glassblowing studio in America in 1739. With local beaches having fine silica sand to work with it and plenty of forests for fuel, New Jersey once hosted more glassblowing studios than any other state .

Hot Sand was founded in 2007 as New Jersey’s first public access glassblowing studio. Owners Paul Elyseev and Thomas Stevens started Hot Sand as a home to create their own artistic pieces and share glassmaking with the public. Our walk-in glassblowing started with the hand casting experience during the summer season. Now a year-round business, people have the ability to walk in off the street and choose from a variety of fun objects on our walk-in menu including a pint glass, paperweight, ornament, heart, egg, bubble, small bubble vase, apple and pumpkin.

In 2011, Hot Sand made the move from its original boardwalk location to the busy Asbury Park Downtown district at 550 Cookman Ave.


Glassblowing Hours     Gallery Hours 

Monday    12pm – 8pm                                                        Monday   12pm – 8pm

Tuesday     closed                                                                 Tuesday     12pm – 8pm

Wednesday   12pm – 8pm                                                  Wednesday    12pm – 8pm

Thursday   12pm – 8pm                                                      Thursday   12pm – 8pm

Friday    12pm – 8pm                                                          Friday    12pm – 10pm

Saturday  12pm – 8pm                                                       Saturday   10am – 10pm

Sunday 12pm – 6pm                                                           Sunday  10am – 6pm


Phone Number: 732-927-5475

E-mail: studio@hotsandap.com