Frequently Asked Questions

Account Information:

I wish to terminate my account with mPay2Park.

Send an email to customerservice@mpay2park.com listing the email you used for account.

I wish to receive a refund of the money left on my account.

We can send a refund check. Please email us at customerservice@mpay2park.com and provide your email used for your account and your address. There is a $2.50 termination/processing fee. THis is further explained in our Terms and Agreement.

How do I change the phone number and/or email on my account?

As of right now, we need to change this information for you. Please send us an email with the information you need changed.

License Plates:

How do I delete an existing plate?

Log into the mPay2Park mobile app, go to the settings icon in the top right-hand corner (looks like a cog wheel), click on the profile tab, go down to license plates, and click onto the red button next to the plate you want to delete.

How do I add plates?

Same process as above. Once in profile tab, click the add plate option at the bottom right of the screen. You can add an unlimited amount of plates.

Can I add a nickname to my plates?

Yes, under the profile tab in the app, there is an option to have a nickname when adding a new plate.

Credit Card:

How do I update my credit card in the app?

This can only be done in the app. Once logged into the app, go to the settings button at the top right-hand corner, go to the credit card tab, and hit update credit card.

Can I delete my credit card information, but still keep my account open?

You will need to keep your credit card information active when keeping an account open with us. You will only be charged for the transactions that you start. Please see our Terms and Agreement for further details on credit card charges.

Why do I have a pending charge of $.01 after registering?

The hold is placed on your card only to ensure that the card can be used for future purchases with the app. The hold does get resolved within a couple days.

mPay2Park Website:

Why can’t I make a transaction on your website?

Our website is set-up for informational purposes only. At this time, you cannot make a payment on our website. You must download our app from the App or Google Play Store.

How do I get my transaction history?

You can log into our app or website for transaction history.

How to change your password? 

Before signing in to the app or website, you can hit the “Forgot Password” button to reset it.


I paid for parking, but the meter is not showing I paid?

The meters and the app are own and operated by two separate companies. Transactions made with the app are instantly made available to parking enforcement personnel. Some meters do not change because they are not able to sync in real time.

I have a question about a meter or kiosk?

The meters, pay stations and kiosks are operated by a different company. We have no control or access to them. You must contact the town for any questions or concerns with them.

Can I receive a refund for a purchase?

We are unable to give refunds on purchases made through the app. The funds for parking are automatically sent to the parking office in the location you parked in.

How do I find my zone information?

You can find your zone information on the sticker that is located on the meter near where you parked. Or you can use the GPS in the app to locate the zone for you. Please make sure to double check the zone information is correct before starting a transaction.

I received a ticket/violation, what do I do?

Unfortunately, we are not in control of enforcement and would not know why you received the ticket/violation. Please verify that your parking information was correct and you can dispute the ticket/violation with the parking authority where you parked. You can provide them with your parking history when disputing.

How do I know when my session will expire?

You can set up notifications to receive notices from the app when your parking will expire. Notifications can be sent 15, 30 or 45 minutes before expiration. To make sure this is set up, go to the settings and then profile in the app.